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Dinger, S. Dutta, P. Helm, G. Huber, T. Ulfhake, K. Carlsson, K. Mossberg, U. Arvidsson and P. HelmImaging of fluorescent neurons labelled with fluoro-gold and fluorescent axon terminals labelled with AMCA 7-aminomethylcoumarineacetic acid conjugated antiserum using a UV-laser confocal scanning microscope, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Vol. Burnashev, A. Khodorova, P.

Jonas, P. Helm, W. Wisden, H. Monyer, P. Seeburg, and B. SPIE Vol. Acharya; Carol J. Cogswell; Dmitry B. Goldgof; Eds. Mossberg, P. Helm, and J. Melamed, P.

Helm, and R. Helm, O. Franksson, and K. Markram, P. Helm, and B. SakmannDendritic calcium transients evoked by single back-propagating action potentials in rat neocortical pyramidal neurons, Journal of Physiology, Vol. HelmA microscopic setup for combined, and time coordinated electrophysiological and confocal fluorescence microscopic experiments on neurons in living single speed maura slices, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol.

PhD in Engineering Sciences. Davies, Mariangela C. Wilson, Andrew P. Halestrap, Ole P. OttersenA novel postsynaptic density protein: the monocarboxylate transporterMCT2 is co-localized with δ-glutamate receptors in postsynaptic densities of parallel fiber-Purkiň cell synapses, Exp Brain Res P.

SPIE, Vol. Ottersen O. Nase, P. Washington, DC: Single speed maura for Neuroscience, OttersenA multiphoton laser scanning microscope setup for transcranial in vivo brain imaging on mice, Sem singeltreff of Scientific Instruments Gabriele Nase, P. Johannes Helm, Ole Petter OttersenStructural changes at the cellular and subcellular level in the cerebral cortex of mice visualized by means of trans-cranial multi photon in vivo microscopy, Proc.

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SPIE, G. Ottersen ,In vivo vedavågen singel of cell volume respons to hypo-osmotic stress, Program No. Atlanta, GA, Society for Neuroscience, Helm, Ole P.

Ottersen single speed maura, G. NaseOptical effects of the cranium in trans-cranial in vivo two photon laser scanning microscopy in mice, Proc. SPIE, P. NaseAn improved method for the analysis of some optical properties of the mouse cranium: implications for in vivo optical imaging, Program No. Helm, N. Proske, F. Helm, T.

Oguchi, L. Nilsson, L. Lannfelt, O. Ottersen, R. TorpLocal impact of perivascular plaques on cerebral blood flow dynamics in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, Proc.

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Helm, R. Helm, L. TorpAstrocyte morphological dynamics in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease with the Arctic and Swedish mutation, Single speed maura No. Johannes Helm, Single speed maura P. Ottersen, Gabriele NaseAnalysis of optical properties of the mouse cranium - Implications for in vivo multi photon laser scanning microscopy, Journal of Neuroscience Methods P. Reppen, P. HeggelundA setup for combined multi photon laser scanning microscopic and multi electrode patch clamp experiments on brain slices, Proc.

Johannes Helm and Ole P. OttersenProposal of a new method to measure FRET quantitatively in living or fixed biomedical specimens on a laser microscope, Proc. SPIEP. Johannes Helm, N. Johannes HelmRecommendations for the design and the installation of large laser scanning microscopy systems, Proc.

Trivedi, Øivind Hvalby, P. Johannes Helm, Loren L. Looger, Rolf Sprengel, and Erlend A. Loogerand Erlend A. Dukefoss, Wannan Tang, Klas H. Pettersen, Daniel M. Bjoernstad, P. Ottersen, and Erlend A. Deletion of aquaporin-4 curtails extracellular glutamate elevation in cortical spreading depression in awake mice.

Paul Johannes Helm

Cerebral Cortex. ISSN Dynamics of ionic shifts in cortical spreading depression. Accumulating evidence indicates that cortical spreading depression underlies the migraine aura and that similar waves promote tissue damage in stroke, trauma, and hemorrhage. Cortical spreading depression is characterized by neuronal swelling, profound elevation of extracellular potassium and glutamate, multiphasic blood flow changes, and drop in tissue oxygen tension. The slow speed of the cortical spreading depression wave implies that it is mediated by diffusion of a chemical substance, yet the identity of this substance and the pathway it follows are unknown.

Journal of Neuroscience. The use of femto-second lasers to trigger powerful explosions of gold nanorods to destroy cancer cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. The rate of energy transfer is dependent on the sixth power of the distance between donor and acceptor.

Determining FRET efficiencies is tantamount to measuring distances between molecules. A new method is proposed for determining FRET efficiencies rapidly, quantitatively, and non-destructively on ensembles containing donor acceptor pairs: at wavelengths suitable for mutually exclusive excitations of donors and acceptors, two laser beams are intensity-modulated in rectangular patterns at duty cycle ½ and frequencies ƒ1 and ƒ2 by electro-optic modulators. In an ensemble exposed to these laser beams, the donor excitation is modulated at ƒ1, and the acceptor excitation, and therefore the degree of saturation of the excited electronic singeltreff nesbyen of the acceptors, is modulated at ƒ2.

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The depth of the latter modulation, detectable via a lock-in amplifier, quantitatively indicates the FRET efficiency. Helm, Paul Johannes Recommendations for the design and the installation of large laser scanning microscopy systems.

ISSN X. The market provides an increasing number of turn-key and hands-off commercial Single speed maura systems, un-problematic to purchase, set up and integrate even into minor research groups.

single speed maura

Single speed maura, the successful definition, financing, acquisition, installation and effective use of one or more large laser scanning microscopy systems, possibly of core facility character, often requires major efforts by senior staff members of large academic or industrial units.

Here, a set of recommendations is presented, which are helpful during the process of establishing large systems for confocal or non-linear laser scanning microscopy as an effective operational resource in the scientific or industrial production process.

Besides the description of technical difficulties and possible pitfalls, the article also illuminates some seemingly "less scientific" processes, i. Proposal of a new method to measure FRET quantitatively in living or fixed biomedical specimens on a laser microscope.

The modulation patterns are rectangular at duty cycle ½. The modulation frequencies differ slightly. The acceptor beam is saturating the acceptor so that it cannot accept energy from the donor.

The saturation is modulated in the same way as the acceptor beam.


Since the donor beam also is modulated, though at a frequency slightly different from that of the acceptor beam, the intensity of the released donor fluorescence is modulated with the beat frequency of the frequencies of the two laser beam modulations and can be detected and interpreted in quantitative terms by means of a lock in amplifier.

Analysis of optical properties of the mouse cranium-Implications for in vivo multi photon laser scanning microscopy. Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

single speed maura

Local impact of perivascular plaques on cerebral blood flow dynamics in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Water entry into astrocytes during brain edema formation. A multi photon laser scanning microscope setup for trans-cranial in vivo brain imaging on mice.


Review of Scientific Instruments. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. Neurobiology: How hardwired is the brain?. Effects of purified recombinant neural and muscle agrin on skeletal muscle fibers in vivo. Journal of Cell Biology. So far, the effects of agrin on muscle fibers have been studied in culture systems, transgenic animals, and in animals injected with agrin--cDNA constructs. We have applied purified recombinant chick neural and muscle agrin to rat soleus muscle in vivo and obtained the following results.

Both neural and muscle agrin bind uniformly to the surface of innervated and denervated muscle selbu dating site along their entire length. Muscle agrin does not cluster AChRs and at 10 times the concentration of neural agrin does not reduce binding or AChR-aggregating activity of neural agrin. Electrical muscle activity affects the stability of agrin binding and the number, size, and spatial distribution of the neural agrin--induced AChR aggregates.

Injected agrin is recovered from the single speed maura together with laminin and both proteins coimmunoprecipitate, indicating that agrin binds to laminin in vivo. Thus, the present approach provides a novel, simple, and efficient method for studying the effects of agrin on muscle under controlled conditions in vivo. Design and installation of a multi-mode microscopy system.

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NMDA spikes in dendrites of thalamocortical neurons. Abstracts - Society for Neuroscience.

single speed maura

Simultaneous chemical activation and image scanning on single scanner laser scanning microscope systems. A setup for combined multiphoton laser scanning miscroscopic and multi-electrode patch clamp experiments on brain slices.