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Specifications[ edit single speed barkåker Map of the Barkåker—Tønsberg segment, including the tunnel The Jarlsberg Tunnel runs roughly north—south through Frodeåsen, a hill just north of the town center of Tønsberg. The northern entrance is located at Tomsbakken, beside County Road 35 and the southern entrance is located at Frodegata in the town center.

The structures and the tunnels The structures and the tunnels Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år. Three longer rock and concrete tunnels and two bridges will be built on the section of railway.

Just south of the tunnel lies Tønsberg Station. The portal on the Tønsberg side is 73 meters ft long. Although later converted to standard gauge and electrified, the line retains poor capacity and many curves.

The segment between Barkåker and Tønsberg was the fourth section of the line to be upgraded.

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When later projects are completed, it will allow travel time from Tønsberg to Oslo to be reduced from 90 to 60 minutes. However, no analysis for possible rights-of-way south of Tønsberg or north of Barkåker were considered.

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Thus, passengers traveling southwards from Tønsberg experience a two-minute increase in travel time. All recommended that the National Rail Administration place the investments on hold until more of the Vestfold Line was planned.

NSB's Tom Ingulstad called the plans "troublesome" and stated that the trains would have nearly no time or reliability-gains from the investment.

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If the authority instead had built more double track in connection with the existing segment at Sandetrains could more efficiently catch up any delays before reaching Drammen. The National Rail Administration had at the time of construction not made any plans for a route south of Tønsberg; estimates from Norsk Bane show that Tønsberg will not be able to allow high through speeds and that a new through line would have to be built with a different right-of-way, entirely avoiding the Jarlsberg Tunnel.

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By binding the Vestfold Line to run via Barkåker, it is not possible to build a high-speed line with stations serving population centers such as HortenÅsgårdstrand and Eik. Construction proceeded without any injuries and nearly without any complications. This was the single speed barkåker hectic part of construction, as it saw the tracks south of the tunnel be rearranged to allow trains to operate the opposite direction through the loop in Tønsberg.

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The work was performed by Reinertsen and tookman-hours. The segment cost NOK 1.

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However, at the time of the opening, double track was still not laid from the tunnel to Tønsberg Station. Previously, trains crossed each other at the passing knappstad single at the closed Barkåker Stationwith one train having to wait for the other.

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With the competition of the new segment, trains could pass at any point between Tønsberg and Barkåker, allowing increased reliability.