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Glasspaper 4 dager 20 kr This course provides students with the skills and knowledge required to successfully create and maintain the cloud and edge portions of an Azure IoT solution.

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Topics covered: Create, configure, and manage an Azure IoT hub. Establish secure 2-way communication singel treff stokke devices and IoT Hub.

Configure the connection to Time Series Insights and support business integration requirements.

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Implement IoT Edge scenarios using marketplace modules and various edge gateway patterns. Implement IoT Edge scenarios that require developing and deploying custom modules and containers.

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Implement device management using device twins and direct methods. Implement solution monitoring, logging, and diagnostics testing.

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This module also provides students with an overview of the Azure services commonly used in an IoT solution and provides an introduction to the Azure portal. Students will learn about the enrollment process, auto-provisioning and re-provisioning, disenrollment, and how to implement various attestation mechanisms. Students will begin with an investigation of how to configure message and event routing and how to implement routing to built-in and custom endpoints.

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Students will learn about some of the Azure storage options that are common for IoT solutions. Lessons Messages and Message Processing Data Storage Options Azure Stream Analytics Lab: Device Message RoutingLab : Filtering and Aggregating Message DataAfter completing this module, students will be able to: Configure message and event routing Route data to the built-in and custom endpoints Implement message enrichment Implement Azure Stream Analytics Inputs, Queries, and Outputs Store message data in a warm storage for historical purposes and additional analysis Use an Azure Function within a message processing and analytics solution Module 5: Insights and Business Integration In this bjørnevatn single jenter, students will learn about the Azure services and other Microsoft tools that can be used to generate business insights and enable business integration.

Students will also learn how to configure and use an IoT Edge device as a gateway device.

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Students will use Visual Studio Code to build custom modules as containers using a supported container engine.

Students will develop device management solutions that use devoice twins and solutions that use direct methods.

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Lessons Introduction to IoT Device Management Manage IoT and IoT Edge Devices Device Management at Scale Lab: Remotely Monitor and Control Devices with Azure IoT HubLab : Automatic Device ManagementAfter completing this module, students will be able to: Describe the most common device management patterns and configuration best practices Describe when and how to use device twins and direct methods to implement device management Implement device management for various patterns using device twins and direct methods Implement device management at scale using automatic singel treff stokke management and jobs Module 9: Solution Testing, Diagnostics, and Logging In this module, students will configure logging and diagnostic tools that help developers to test their IoT solution.

Students will use IoT Hub and Azure Monitor to configure alerts and track conditions such as device connection state that can be used to troubleshoot issues.

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Students will begin by investigating security as it applies to the solution architecture and best practices, and then look at how Azure Security Center for IoT supports device deployment and IoT Hub integration.

Students will begin with a high-level investigation of IoT Central and how it works.

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With a basic understanding of IoT central establish, students will move on to creating and managing device templates, and then managing devices in their IoT Central application.