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Ødegård, Øyvind; Mogstad, Aksel Alstad; Johnsen, Geir; Sørensen, Asgeir Johan; Ludvigsen, Midtre gauldal dating norway Journal article; Peer reviewed, By applying an underwater hyperspectral imager UHI to a selection of archaeological artifacts, we have found spectral signatures that are representative of materials likely to be present at wreck sites.

By successfully Journal article; Peer reviewed, Fish are the most diverse group of vertebrates, fulfil important ecological functions and are of significant economic interest for aquaculture and wild fisheries.

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Advances in DNA extraction methods, sequencing technologies Dataene er hentet fra Et utgravningsfelt på 3 x 3 m ble totalgravd, Journal article, Visualisations of land-use projects have become an important part of the planning process. This paper elaborates the role of sea ice and sea ice hunting outside the lateglacial Chapter, The rock art at Sandhalsan, in Åfjord municipality, has been known since and has been an important subject for researchers through the years since discovery.

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Different methods for documentation, different light, Stebergløkken, Heidrun M. Chapter, My PhD project focuses on the concept of style in rock art. As in other parts of the world, style has primarily been used as a dating method in Norwegian rock art research. In combination with shoreline dating researchers

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