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Biokjemi Popular Science Description he ability to remember, to store and retrieve information in the brain, is vital to everyday life. Lasting changes in neuronal connectivity typical require evjen dating protein synthesis.

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This Top Research project focuses on the role of a protein known as Arc. Arc is considered to be a tana singeltreff regulator of plasticity, required for both strengthening and weakening of connections.

However, little is known about how the protein works and how it is regulated. The goal of this project is to elucidate the molecular structure, function, and regulation of singelklubb sandøy Arc protein.

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In the course of the past year we have identified binding partners of Arc involved in regulation of the neuronal cell cytoskeleton drebrin and binding to the endoplasmic reticulum evjen dating how localization of Arc in the neuron is controlled. In a review paper summarizing status of the field, we propose a model for Arc protein regulation of synaptic plasticity and cognition.

Our latest work provide the first insights into the structure of the full-length Arc protein. More recent, the toppforsk team has elucidated a key mechanism for the self-association of Arc leading to the formation of virus-like capsids.

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This information is key to resolving the different functional states of Arc. Summary A major goal of neuroscience is to elucidate the molecular control of synaptic plasticity, as a cellular basis for adaptive evjen dating in neural circuits of importance for memory, cognition, and numerous brain disorders.

New gene transcription and protein synthesis are essential for persistent synaptic change in both long-term potentiation LTP and depression LTD. However, changes in synaptic strength are enacted at the evjen dating of individual proteins and protein interaction networks. This is the level that evjen dating be targeted in order to decipher, and gain control of, long-term synaptic plasticity.

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Convergent lines of evidence have identified the immediate early protein, Arc, as a master regulator of LTP, LTD, and long-term memory. Hence, a major outstanding challenge is to elucidate how the Arc protein is controlled at the molecular level, and how Arc function is switched or toggled between LTP and LTD.

A breakthrough is made possible by our pioneering work, including the first paper on the biophysical and structural properties of the Arc protein. Here, we evjen dating a bold proposal to interrogate the master role of Arc and its protein interaction network in synaptic plasticity.

In two interlocking specific aims, we will determine the role of Arc phosphorylation and oligomerization in dictating LTP and LTD formation by controlling Arc substrate binding and cellular effector pathways.

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Our approach combines molecular neuroscience, neurophysiology, and fluorescent protein imaging with protein structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics. Novel optical tools will be developed for imaging Arc activity-states and for reversibly blocking Arc function.

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In addition, we aim to discover small molecular weight compounds that regulate Arc oligomeric state and function. We foresee a paradigm shift in the which we explain how long-term synaptic plasticity shapes cognition and identify molecular targets for treatment of brain disorders in which the Arc complex has been implicated. Publications from Cristin.