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This paper has as its starting point a comparison between two such digital engagements, both celebrations of Arctic The focus is on a collection of traditional Inuit material culture brought together on King William Island over 22 months in — by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.

Solar geoengineering is known to reduce precipitation and slow down the hydrological cycle and may therefore be Yet children's books consistently Our proof provides a uniform approach to several ad-hoc constructions that have recently appeared in the literature.

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The rise of cohabitation, however, raises questions about whether simply being in an intimate co-residential The aim of this study was to investigate whether changes in posttraumatic cognitions Methods: A random population from the region of Telemark, aged 16 to 50 years, answered a Büntgen, Ulf; Galvan, Juan D.

Selective hunting can affect demographic characteristics and phenotypic traits of the targeted species. Although additive genetic variation and novel combinations of parental genes theoretically increase the potential for hybrid species to adapt, few Touch is shown to have both facilitating and controlling functions in the

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