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Article Memorial stone for fallen soldiers - askvoll dating norway Værlandet and Bulandet In the churchyard at Værlandet there is a memorial stone for fallen soldiers from Værlandet and Bulandet. The stone stands on the grave of one of them, Bernt Myrvåg.

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He fell in the battles at Walcheren in dating norway i nittedal Netherlands. Every year the 17 May procession at Værlandet has gone from the schoolhouse to the memorial stone and back to the schoolhouse.

Schoolchildren are flag-bearers.

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The picture was taken on 17 May Bernt Myrvåg fell in the battles for the liberation of the Netherlands at Walcheren. His brother Harald and Knut Landøy died in captivity in Germany. Trygve Verøyvik lost his life in the Norwegian Navy, and the brothers Asbjørn and Vemund Melvær went down in a plane crash. On 20 Maya memorial stone for the brothers Melvær was unveiled at their home at Melvær.

The stone at Værlandet was unveiled in August of the same year, and stands in memory of all the fallen soldiers from Værlandet and Bulandet.

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The stone and the inscription The memorial stone stands on Bernt Myrvåg's grave. He was buried first at Walcheren, but was later moved home and buried in the churchyard at Værlandet. The memorial is two metres high and surrounded by stones linked by chains. Her ligg dei, grav i askvoll dating norway here they lie, grave on grave frå hei og ned til hav som from the hills and down to sea which stridde so.

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Gud sign kvar fought hard. God bless each ærleg svein som søv der under honest boy who sleeps there under stein.

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Gud sign dei kvar stone. God bless each every og ein der dei er no.

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Engine course. Was arrested by the Germans on 17 July because he had not handed in his radio set. Did time in different prisons in Norway until he was taken to Germany on 15 February Came to Sachsenhausen, askvoll dating norway was later taken to another camp for some time.

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Was taken back to Sachsenhausen, ill, and died on 29 April Born 17 May at Askvoll, son of the farmer and fisherman Magnus Melvær, bornand Maria née Vilnes, bornboth at Askvoll. Three children. Took part in the importation of arms from England and hiding them. Was arrested on 20 May and taken to the prison in Bergen, from there to Ulven and Grini. On 30 September taken to Natzweiler and died there on 3 November Born 1 February at Askvoll, son of farmer and fisherman Magnus Melvær, born and Maria née Vilnes, bornboth at Askvoll.

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Secondary school. Went to England on 12 August and joined the Air Force. On 4 Octoberhis airplane was on mission against German U-boats in the North Sea, but never returned. Awarded war medal post mortem.

King Haakon VII's 70 year medal. Born 27 September at Askvoll, son of farmer askvoll dating norway fisherman Teodor Myrvåg, bornand Sofie née Nikøy, bornboth at Askvoll.

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Married to Kristine Kalvåg, borndied One child. Hid arms smuggled in from England, handled special consignments, took part in the export organization at Bulandet. Died 13 May in Natzweiler. Brother Bernt fell Born 22 January at Askvoll, [. Became soldier and paratrooper, joined the unit called "the Green Devils". Took part in the invasion of Belgium and the Netherlands. Fell at Walcheren on 14 February Buried at Walcheren. Brother Harald died in Germany in Note: Moved home and buried in the churchyard at Værlandet.

Born 2 January at Askvoll, son of Torvald T. Værøyvik, born same place, and Johanne née Helgheim, born at Jølster.

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Fisherman, but fled from Værlandet to England in August on a fishing vessel and joined the Norwegian Navy. Served on different vessels, among them the corvette "Tunsberg Castle".

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This vessel was blown up by a mine in north Norwegian waters on 12 Decemberbut Værøyvik survived. Was lost on 8 May when the minesweeper N.

Early in the morning the boats began to arrive, and in the end there were several hundred. He described them as fine, reliable men, boys who yearned for freedom and justice, who had a firm belief that one day this would prevail, and that the flag would fly clean and free over the country. Several wreaths were laid, from parents and children, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, acquaintances, the Norwegian Navy, the municipality of Askvoll, friends of the prisoners in Germany, and the resistance movement in England.

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The ceremony was concluded in the schoolhouse. Kåre Seines - should have been included on the stone Kåre Seines from Bodin came to Askvoll a short time before the war. He lived at Værlandet and supported himself as a farm hand and fisherman.

He took part in helping refugees get across to England, and he himself had to escape to England in August His name was not on the memorial stone for the fallen soldiers from Værlandet and Bulandet.

Memorial stone for fallen soldiers - from Værlandet and Bulandet

That was a mistake, it was said afterwards. His name should have been included. But Kåre Seines is not forgotten completely. His name is included on the memorial stone at Askvoll church commemorating all fallen soldiers from Askvoll municipality.

Memorial stone at Askvoll church for fallen soldiers 1940-1945

Was before the war a fisherman. Was active in refugee assistance, and had to escape to England in August Was lost 21 December of that year when the SS Annavore was torpedoed in the Atlantic, seven days' voyage out of Gibraltar. Landøy wrote a memorial poem called Minnesteinane the memorial stones.

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It is about all the fallen soldiers from the municipality of Askvoll. Alf Tviberg read the poem at the memorials stones at Melvær, Værlandet, and at Askvoll. The concluding four lines are: Minnesteinen ber ein bodskap om å alltid stå på vakt the memorial stone tells us to always be vigilant.

Desse steinane skal tala: Slikt må aldri meir få skje these stones shall speak: This must never happen againset dei friske, gode krefter inn i arbeidet for FRED set the fresh, good forces to work for PEACE.

Memorial stone at Askvoll church for fallen soldiers By Hermund Kleppa In the churchyard at Askvoll, there is a memorial stone with 16 names, - all from the municipality of Askvoll, who lost their lives during the war The memorial was unveiled on 17 May The memorial stone for fallen soldiers in the war at the Askvoll church, unveiled on 17 May

See geometric position on detailed map at Fylkesatlas or on a 3D-map at Google Maps by clicking on the 3D-button down to the right at the Google-map. Owner: I Vår falne.

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I Vår falne.